A quick project I did for Golan Levin’s Interactive art and computational design studio that was featured in the New York Times Tech Section.

In collaboration with Ray Lin, I created a particle system that exhibits flocking and swarming behaviors when the user is moving, and snaps to the participant’s depth field when they’re standing still. The resulting simulation ebbs and flows between the recognizable and the abstract.

Each point generated by the kinect’s depth map that comprises the user’s body has a gravitational pull on one particle in the simulation. The strength of this force is inversely related to how fast they are moving, so when the user stands perfectly still the particle zooms to the point it corresponds to, and when they move it is free to wander and behave on its natural flocking tendency. Thus you get these really smooth eflowing visuals as the silhouette breaks and reforms.

[Developed using Cinder + OpenNi + NITE + Xbox Kinect]

  • early perlin noise sketch

    early perlin noise sketch

  • particle orb for testing

    particle orb for testing

  • early particle float sketch

    early particle float sketch

  • concept sketch

    concept sketch

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